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Floating Cranes for Sale.
Ocean-Going Multi Purpose MCB3392. Self-Propelled Crane Barge JFC1531. New Build Floating Crane JFC1549. Self-Propelled Floating Crane STC1593. Subscribe to our FREE updates. Floating Cranes For Sale. Ocean-Going Multi Purpose MCB3392. New Build Self-Propelled Floating Crane CodeJFC1549. Self-Propelled Crane Barge JFC1531. Self Propelled Floating Crane CodeSTC1593. Floating Crane TFC3436 for Sale. Floating cranes also called crane ships or crane vessels are ships designed to lift heavy loads. Large floating cranes are used in offshore construction. They are also very useful in constructing bridges and ports. Need a floating crane?
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Floating Cranes for Sale. Length is measured in meters. Floating Cranes Accommodation Barges. Floating crane blt 1975 Greece max lifting cap 400t loa 56.0m beam 19.0m.
Floating Dock and Crane For Sale.
floating crane 4000t crane barge 4000ton for sale charter rent. we can supply floating crane from 50ton to 5000ton! here is floating crane 4000t crane barge 4000ton for sale /for rent crane type 360 full revolving for detailspls send. Posted on Mar 10 2015 to Floating Dock and Crane Share Add to favorites Details Contact. Page 1 of 7. Search Floating Dock and Crane Category Condition Excellent. Receive email alerts when new listings show up for this search. Send E-mail alerts Immediately. Contact About Service Terms Conditions Privacy Policy.
BUILT APRIL 1994 AWAZIKYODO SHIPBUILDING CO LTD JAPAN. Floating crane capable of lifting 100 tons for sale. 45 MT Floating Crane Barge for sale. 146 FT Floating Crane Barge for sale. SELF PROPELLED 150T REVOLVING CRANE. 2008CHINA REBUILTED TO SELF PROPELLED. 400 Tons Revolving type Floating Crane and 2400 PS Pusher Tug. 63 tons Revolving floating crane. Built 1988 in Poland. 120 tons Revolving type floating crane. 360 tons Revolving type Floating Crane.
Floating cranes for sale late model low hours used second hand Rodson.
Rodson Marine Crane Floating. for inquiry E-mail us info@rodson.com. Search Used Floating Cranes for sale. Floating cranes big capacity cranes mounted on vessels used for various hoisting activities and grabbing work can lift heavy loads to great heights on water used for reload from big ships to barges. There are a large number and different types of floating cranes around the world e.g. self-propelled or for installation on barges. We can offer you many of them. Displaying 1-4 of 4 results. Ref No Brand Model Year Capacity Length Width Specs Comments Details.
Crane Barges for Sale Sun Machinery Corp.
Tankers and Tank Barges. CRANE BARGES FOR SALE. CRANES AND CRANE BARGES FOR SALE. 250 x 72 x 16 FLAT DECK CRANE BARGE Ref1828. Built 1983 ABS certified US Coast Guard Inspected / Jones Act approved US Flag. Fitted for TEU and FEU. 6 month charter price 2800/day. 220 x 45 x 11 FLAT DECK BARGE Ref1974. 12 Compartments 80 spuds Raked 125 ton Lima 100 lattice boom crane on crawler. Price 325000 for Barge and Crane package. 199 X 52 X 15 BARGE WITH CRANE Ref1845.
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List Your Commercial Vessel or Ship For Sale Advertise Your Vessel Worldwide List with Horizon Ship Brokers Inc. View Feet Meters Listings per-page 10. More Pages to view 1 2. ID Image Vessel Type Length Beam Draft Year DWT BHP BP Class Flag Location Price US. 149m Floating Crane 2000T 2016 DP1 Azimuth Thrusters DWT 9674. 148m Floating Crane 2011 3850t Lifting Capacity.
Used Crane Spud for sale.
130 Ft Spud Barge 10821. Used Spud Barge For Sale. Reported in generally good overall condition. Price Match Details Call. 200ft Deck Crane Barge 10851. Used Revolving Floating Crane Barge For Sale File 10851 and Pusher Boat File 10852 sold as one unit. Located in Middle East. Price Match Details Call. 145ft Deck-Crane Barge 10920. Used Steel Service Deck Crane Barge For Sale. Total water capacity 145200 USG. Has 80 Ton crane on m. Price Match Details Call. 140ft Deck-Spud Barge 10966. Used Steel Spud Barge for Sale. Price Match Details Call. 100ft Spud Barge For Sale.
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Posted 11 days ago. Alerts Watch this Advert. FLOATING CRANES FOR SALE. 600Ton Floating Crane for Sale GENERAL Built Aug. 2011 Class KR / Coastal GT 2305 Tons Hull Dimension 60.0 x 27.0 x 4.50 m Scantling draft 3.8m Complement 13 persons CRANE Out Reach 30.0m at 61 56.0m at 30 Lifting Height 55.0m Main Hook S.W.L 300 Ton x 2sets Aux. Hook 150 Ton x 1set Aux. Hook 20 Ton x 1set Aux.

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