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Explore the new industrial cranes brochure. White paper Questions to ask when selecting a transportable crane. Konecranes overhead cranes utilize the latest technology to increase the safety and productivity of our customers business. We are working on the production frontline of industrial customers on every continent and our Smart Features represent the most advanced crane functionality on the market today. Our industrial overhead cranes represent high-level Konecranes quality starting from a single component all the way to an entire process. With its robust design smooth controls and lifting capacity of up to 5 tons the chain hoist crane is a strong link in your manufacturing process.
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Is a industrial business group known today as GH CRANES COMPONENTS. family owned business which was founded more than 50 years ago. The main activity is manufacturing hoists overhead cranes and components for the cranes although in its manufacturing range can be found gantry cranes jib cranes transfer carts cantilever cranes and other types of lifting elements. Bridge crane EOT crane.
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Demag North America / Products / Cranes /. Universal cranes 1 50 tons. Our universal cranes drive quality efficiency and reliability for your facility. Every crane and crane component reflects our vast engineering expertise and industry experience. Our product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead traveling cranes and suspension cranes. In addition to universal cranes with welded box-section girders we offer solutions with rolled steel sections wall-mounted traveling cranes and crane sets. Review product performance details and benefits on the product pages. The V-type crane revolutionizes load handling.
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EKKE single-girder overhead traveling crane. Demag North America / Products / Cranes / Universal cranes 1 50 tons /. EKKE single-girder overhead traveling cranes up to 15 tons. Single Girder Cranes Overhead Traveling Crane. Our EKKE single-girder overhead traveling cranes feature maximum rigidity and minimum deadweight. This maximizes crane runway loading and enables a more cost-effective building design and overall system solution. The benefits at a glance. High stability and design rigidity. Optional rolled beam girder provides additional cost-savings. Connections between the girder and end trucks are manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear. End truck of torsionally rigid welded box construction. Excellent travel characteristics and minimum wear due to low-maintenance drives.
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Home Learning Center Fundamentals Overhead Cranes. A C hook crane handles large coils of metal. Overhead cranes cover a rectangular area moving a load side to side and backward and forward. To move extremely heavy or bulky loads through the overhead space in a facility instead of through aisles or on the floor an overhead crane also called an industrial crane crane or overhead traveling crane is a machine that lifts lowers and moves a load horizontally. Overhead cranes have high lifting capacities for load movement.
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Your single girder overhead crane. The single girder overhead crane has one main girder with the hoist below. If you have sufficient height the single girder is sufficient. We can bevel the girder at both ends to utilise a maximum lift height. Your double girder overhead crane. The double girder overhead crane has two main girders. The hoist runs above or partly between the girders. This overhead crane has a greater lift height than the single girder while offering the ability to install more options/accessories such as a gangway a cab etc. Your under running crane.
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They are highly suitable where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways crane lights cabs magnet cable reels or other special equipment.EMH is capable of building cranes for loads up to 500 tons. SINGLE GIRDER UNDER RUNNING. EMH offers a broad range of under running cranes in standard capacities up to 10 tons. Special configurations can be designed to accommodate up to 25 tons and over 60 ft. spans.Underhung cranes offer excellent side approaches close headroom and can be supported on runways hung from existing building members if adequate.
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As obvious from name these cranes are electrically operated by a control pendant radio/IR remote pendant or from an operator cabin attached with the crane itself. Rotary overhead crane edit. This type of overhead crane has one end of the bridge mounted on a fixed pivot and the other end carried on an annular track the bridge traverses the circular area beneath. This offers improvement over a jib crane by making possible a longer reach and eliminating lateral strains on the building walls. Overhead cranes are commonly used in the refinement of steel and other metals such as copper and aluminium.
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Built-up Hoist Capacities up to 500 Tons. Air Operated Chain Hoists. Up to 25 Ton Capacity. Air Operated Wire Rope Hoists. Up to 10 Ton Capacity. Overhead Crane Word of the Week. An overhead standard structural or specially fabricated shape on which the trolley operates. Home Crane Buyers Guide Crane-ium University RFQ About Us Contact Us Site Map. Warranty Terms and Conditions Crane Related Governing Bodies Index Parts Service. Call Us Toll Free 1 800 399 8712 Email Us info@dearborncrane.com.

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